Our family

I am the designer/creator for AnnaBela Artistry and blogger for Chit and Chats…about this and about that.  I am a stay at home mom who loves everything craft related.  I dabble in jewelry making, crochet, sewing, drawing and baking.  One of my goals in life is to learn every form of craft available to me which means I need to live to at least 100 yrs. old.  LOL

I’ve been married for almost 17 years and a first time mom to our “miracle” 3 yr. old daughter.  I say “miracle” because she finally came to us after over 10 years of trying to conceive.  She is our biggest pride and blessing and is the inspiration for everything we do.

family pic

Our family business consists of: my husband, the financier and public relations.  I am the “jack of all trades” designer, creator, photographer, marketer, shipper, handler, data entry and secretary.  Our daughter is our design approval, model and inspiration.

dudley annabela 015 (3)red blue 300

Our 3 doggies: Dudley, in charge of waste management.  Kylie, in charge of security.  And Jethro, aka Big Jet, in charge of quality control and all 3 are our models.

doggie angels all 5 puppies 002 all 5 puppies 036 Izzy 4-22-12 102

And last but certainly not least, our 4 doggie angels: Quigley, Chuwie, Cordelia and Quinn who watch over us.


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