Forever in our hearts…Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness when I write this update on my nephew, Brandon.  On January 23, 2015 Brandon Emmanuel Lao joined my sister in Heaven.

(I apologize for this late update.  I found it a bit difficult to write this post until now).

Though I was not fortunate enough to have physically met my little nephew in person, I feel as though I was with him throughout his 3 year journey on this earth.  Brandon, my little nephew, your life was surely short lived but your effect on so many will live on forever in their hearts….especially mine.

His family says that he lived with a hole in his heart and now he has left his family with a hole in theirs.  Please keep praying for the family as they go through this very difficult time in their lives.  Having lost my sister when I was 13, I understand loss…. but losing your own child…..there are no words.  God Bless you.  God Bless your family.

Brandon Emmanuel Lao

By the grace of God, Brandon had the opportunity to meet and be blessed by Pope Francis when he visited the Philippines on January 17, 2015.  Here are two articles on Brandon’s Story by Rappler and PhilStar.

Brandon Emmanuel Lao
Blessed by Pope Francis

Brandon is survived by his father, John Lao, his mother, Gladys Precilla Lao and his 2 older brothers Gian and Marcus Lao.

Here’s a quote that I heard when I was a child watching Little House on the Prairie that has stayed with me ever since.

             “Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that’s how I’ll remember you all.  If you can only remember me with tears, then don’t remember me at all.” 

Be free, my little nephew.  Run.  Play.  Do what your heart desires.  You will be in my heart forever.  Love, Tita Anna



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