Handmade Hair Pin Collaboration is my #1 fave!

I’ve decided to write a series of posts about what makes me….me.

Here’s the first one.  When I love something…..I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it with a PASSION!!!   Yes, I can go on and on about that one thing to the point when everyone has heard about it a million times over!  I do believe that I am selective with the things I do rave about though, which makes the things I am passionate about very special.

Native Beads and Silver Dawn Jewelry Hair pin
Heart hair pin

With that in mind, at the top of my list of faves…. Silver Dawn Jewelry and Native Beads collaboration on Hair Pin accessories.  I have written reviews about these two artisans before, but they deserve a joint review for their amazing hair pin.  If you haven’t read my past reviews, click here.

I used to hate doing my hair!  I could NEVER find anything that was beautiful and functional at the same time.  I’ve wasted so much money on expensive hair accessories that NEVER stayed on my hair or was too painful to wear.  So, I ended up just using basic hair clips, scrunchies and banana clips (you know, that ones that were the “hottest” hair accessory in the 1980’s).

Silver Dawn Jewelry and Native Beads collaboration on these “can’t live without” hair pins are so functional and beautiful that it has become my #1 favorite hair accessory of all time!  It’s so easy to put on…it never snags my hair or hurt my skull.  I can lay my head down without the fear of hurting my head.  It stays on, snug as a bug on a rug… for hours and hours!  I don’t just use it for special occasions.  “OH NO“!  I use it everyday which makes it oh so worth getting!  You can even use it right out of the shower!   That’s right, my friends, it’s tarnish resistant!  Use it in a bun or a french twist….put all your hair up or do half up, half down.  Let your creativity be your only limit!

Hair pin collaboration
My daughter wearing Native Beads and Silver Dawn Jewelry Hair pin

Do you have a daughter?  I do!  My 3 1/2 year old loves it so much, she decided to steal one from me!  LOL  Yup, the same size hair pin that I use is great for your young one as well.   I can even testify that the hair pin stayed on my daughter the whole night at a party.  Can you imagine a 3 1/2 year old running around, bouncing about and just being a kid and I did not have to redo her hair?  That is a feat in itself!

Elew from Silver Dawn Jewelry is the creative, metalsmithing genius behind these hand forged hair pins.  Her work is beyond exquisite!  Each stroke of the hammer, bends and twists of the .080 Nickel Silver Wire are intentional and done with great precision and polished to perfection resulting in the smoothest hair pin you will ever encounter!

Hair pin with seed bead and cabachon heart
Native Beads and Silver Dawn Jewelry Heart Hair Pin

Theresa from Native Beads is the artistic designer that creates these beautiful and intricate seed bead designs.  They add such beauty and adds personality to your hair style.  She uses glass beads with real gemstone cabochons to create her design then attaches it to genuine soft leather for extra support and stability.

Both of these artisans are experts in their own right.  They both possess unbelievable talent and skill that show through each and every one of their creations.  I am most honored to have met these beautiful artistans who I now call my friends.

If you’re looking for a great gift for that hard to buy person, look no further!  Stop by Native Beads and Silver Dawn Jewelry.  Their talent does not stop at just hair pins….take a look and see all the other exceptional creations that they have to offer and let them know Anna from Chit and Chats sent you!

If you’ve bought from these two artistans and love their products, please comment here to let everyone know. 

Would what you like for me to write about?  Let me know what you think!  I’m open to all and any suggestions. 




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