Woo Hoo for Yuzu Sushi as they do it again!

I had lunch at Yuzu Sushi yesterday with my brother and I just have a need to give an update to my first review.  I really must say that Yuzu Sushi has stepped up their game.  If you haven’t read my first review, please do so.  I was more than satisfied with my first experience, but my lunch experience yesterday was beyond great that I have to write about it again!

Yuzu Sushi Ontario
Yuzu Sushi, Ontario, CA

I’m really impressed with how Yuzu Sushi strives to be better.  Service was great!  We didn’t have to wait long for anything throughout our whole meal.  Our food came in a timely manner, our drinks were filled without it ever going empty, our servers were friendly and fast.

But what made my experience beyond great is the quality of the food.  Between my brother and I, we ordered a variety of sushi, Tonkatsu Ramen Soup and Beef Teriyaki Bowl.

$5 Beef Teriyaki Bowl
Yuzu Sushi Beef Teriyaki Bowl

My Beef Teriyaki Bowl was just as how I remembered it.  I apologize for the picture.  I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a before picture of it.  It really looks much prettier when it comes to you.  This picture here is after I mixed it all up.

There’s a hefty amount of beef with rice underneath.  It’s garnished with broccoli florets and julienned carrots.  I’ve set the broccoli aside.  (I used to like broccoli but I didn’t care much for it when I got pregnant and I haven’t liked it since.  LOL)  This alone would fill you up by itself, but of course I need my dose of sushi!  For $5.00…..it’s a great lunch all on it’s own.

Ramen Soup for under $7
Tonkatsu Ramen Soup

My brother ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen Soup and “boy, oh boy” that is one appetizing looking dish!  It comes in a huge bowl full of yummy goodness!  As much as I wanted to give it a try, my brother on the other hand didn’t offer to share!  LOL  So, I will have to take my brother’s word for it that it was excellent!  The one comment that stuck to me was that he said that the noodles tasted like the “real” ramen noodles.   It looked so yummy that I’m going to have to order that on my next trip back….even if it’s 90 degrees hot!  For under $7.00, that too is a great value for any meal all on it’s own.

sushi variety
Sushi: Salmon, Yellowtail, Tuna, Masago, and Spicy Scallop

Being a sushi addict, we decided to order some $1-$2 a piece sushi a la cart.  We ordered 4 pcs  Salmon,  2 pcs Yellowtail, 4 pcs Tuna, 2 pcs Masago, 2 pcs Eel, 2 pcs Spicy Scallops and 2 pcs Seared Tuna.  I cannot even stress enough how great our sushi was.  We were not disappointed in any one of them.  Each bite was heaven on earth.  The temperature of the sushi was a nice cool temp which helped make it taste so much fresher than other sushi  we’ve had in the past.  Each bite was melt in your mouth goodness!  I savored each and every one.  I can’t talk enough about the quality of the fish that was served to us.  The cut, the portion size, the quality, the freshness, the temperature, the price……you cannot go wrong!

Did I mention that they also served fresh wasabi with our sushi????  Yes, fresh wasabi!  Not the normal wasabi paste that that is normally served.  Let me just say, that once you try fresh wasabi, you will know that difference between fresh and paste!

Eal Sushi

Our lunch treat came to a whopping $32.00!  That’s 2 very good portioned meals plus 18 pcs of sushi.  We left there with 2 very satisfied and full tummies!

seared tuna nigiri
Seared Tuna

If you’re looking for great quality sushi, great portion size meals, great customer service, wonderful selection of Japanese food and unbelievable value, come on over and visit Yuzu Sushi and tell them that Anna from Chit and Chats sent you!

*** I was not compensated for this review.  This is just one sushi lover sharing my experience.


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