Crochet and Jewelry…my 2 passions in 1

My love for crochet increases by the ten folds as I discover more and more ways to create with this awesome craft!

From creating purposeful items like dish cloths, to adorable items like children’s toys and blankets, to fashionable items like clothing and even accessories!

handmade crochet hoop style earrings
Crochet Hoop Style Earrings

I’ve been wanting to combine my love of crochet and my love for making jewelry for quite some time now, so it was inevitable that I try this.

Just be forewarned that I’ve never attempted this before and writing patterns is a still a learning experience for me.  So please be gentle!  LOL

The only problems that I came across was getting the first row of single crochet onto the hoop earring which I used as the foundation.  (I personally think it’s because of my old carpal tunnel syndrome hands).  After getting the first row, it got much easier….it just takes some getting used to.

Going off on a small tangent here….First lesson in taking pictures for tutorials….get a manicure!  LOL  I apologize for the extremely dry fingers and plain nails.  I had not anticipated on getting close ups of my hands!  I may have to talk to the hubby about getting my nails/hands done on a regular basis.  He he he.  Extra perks for blogging!!!

Okay back to the topic on hand.

materials for crocheting hoop style earrings
Materials needed for this project

Materials needed for this project:

I used a 10lb Hemp Cord, a 1.65 size Crochet Hook, 12 4mm Hematite beads, 8 faceted Chinese crystals in green, 4 Bali bead spacers, 2 clear Chinese Crystals, 2 fish hook earrings and 2 hoop earrings.

I strung the beads in the order that I was going to use in my design.

tye a  knot on one end
Tied a double knot on the end of the hoop earring


To calculate the number of sc’s, you will need to count the amount of beads in one earrings, multiply by by 2 and add 2 to the total.

Row 1:  sc x 28 using the hoop as the foundation.

sc, bead, sc
Single Crochet, slide a bead, single crochet

Bend the open end of the hoop and insert in the other end so that it’s hooked together and forms a hoop.  Turn.

Row 2:  sc x 1 on the first stitch.  *Slide your bead towards the hook.  sc x 1 on the next stitch.  sc x 1 on the following stitch* Repeat at the beginning * to the end.  Turn.

sc between stitches
single crochet in each stitch on row 1

Row 3:  sc x 1 in each stitch on row 1 all the way to the other end.  Fasten off.  Trim ends.

Attach the hook earrings
Attach the fish hook earring

Attach the fish hook earring.  Do the exact same thing for the other earring and you’re done!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about my new experience and that it will inspire you to challenge yourself and try new things!

This came out as a really fun new crochet and jewelry project.  I really enjoyed experimenting with it.  It was quick, which is my kind of thing since I’m all about instant gratification.  It’s not too expensive to make and it came out beautiful!  I definitely plan on doing more of these in the future!

What do you think of this design?  How did I do on writing the pattern?  Was it too confusing?  I would love to hear what you think!


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