Woo hoo for Yuzu Sushi!

I love food.  I love Japanese/Sushi food.

If anyone asks me where I’d like to go to celebrate an occasion as mundane as celebrating that I woke up this morning, guess where I’d like to go?  Yup, sushi!  Quite honestly, my husband gets tired of me saying that I’m craving sushi or Japanese food all the time!  LOL  But it’s really the truth!  I crave sushi more than I crave chocolate.  Let me tell you, that is HUGE!

I am constantly looking for new Japanese restaurants where ever I am.  My husband will tell you that I will point out every sushi restaurant that I see on the freeway or the streets going from point A to point B.  He says I have a sushi radar LOL  I really do believe that is my super power….better yet, SUSHI POWER!  Hahaha

Yuzu Sushi Ontario
Yuzu Sushi, Ontario, CA

So, when I heard that a former Japanese Restaurant nearby had a new name, Yuzu Sushi, I was curious to see…. why the change???  Hmmm.  As much as I liked the previous restaurant their service was either a hit or a huge miss.

My husband and I both worked in the restaurant business for many years and we are strict and particular about certain aspects in our dining experience but are usually very forgiving when it comes to service, but there are times when there’s only so much forgiveness you can do.  It’s sad to say, but the former restaurant had upset my husband too much to ever go back.

So, with an open mind and a positive outlook, I decided to give Yuzu a chance to change a bit of history and treated myself on a little solo lunch.

Upon entrance, the restaurant looked fairly the same with a couple of changes.  They no longer have a sushi bar to eat at, just table side and a couple of aesthetic changes… nothing major.

I was greeted fairly quickly and sat at a table.  Nina, the food server, was quite pleasant and knowledgeable on the menu.

Okay, here are where the major changes were quite apparent from the previous menu.  They no longer offer All You Can Eat!  You read that correctly!….that came as a shock to me.  To be honest, at first reaction I was quite let down.  I mean, sushi has come almost synonymous to the words all you can eat!  Right?

Well, that might be true, yes we do look forward to our all you can eat deals.  To be truthful though, I always tend to overeat because I feel the need to make the all you can eat price worth every penny.  In my twisted thinking, I’ve over indulged to the point of serious stomach aches, let alone the weight gain from eating so much food!

What Yuzu has to offer that is a little different from the others, which I really like is that you can eat a variety of foods at a very reasonable price.  Why settle for just having sushi or just a combination dinnerYuzu’s menu offers a variety of appetizers, soups, special Japanese Tacos, rice bowls, sushi specials rolls, hand rolls and cut rolls.

Yuzu Sushi Platter
Summer Deal! 30 pieces for $20

They have a 30 piece sushi platter for $20!  $1 per piece nigiri sushi!  They offer appetizers ranging from $2-4.00  A variety of Rice Bowls with choices of Beef, Chicken or Salmon Teriyaki or Pork or Chicken Curry.  A variety of ramen/udon soups for $6.50.  A new special called the Japanese Taco which is served on a lettuce cup, Hand Rolls for $3.00, Cut Rolls for $5.00, Specialty Rolls for $9.00.  Plus you can make a Hand Roll, Cut Roll or Specialty Roll combo that comes with a drink and egg rolls!  Happy Hour is Monday through Saturday 3 pm to 6:30 pm with $1 Oysters and $2 beers.

Here’s what I ordered.  I ordered 2 Tuna Nigiri (4 pcs for $4.00), a 3 pc Shrimp Tempura appetizer ($3.00) and a Beef Teriyaki bowl ($5.00).  I was able to fulfill all of my cravings for the whopping price of $12.00!  Woo hoo!  Can you believe it?!  That normally would cost at least $14.00 for a Bento box at another restaurant.  Yes, I know $2 difference, big deal.  Yes, it is a big deal.  Do you know why?  Because I got to choose exactly what I wanted.  On a normal Bento box, you don’t get the big variety of sushi to choose from, plus I was able to get all shrimp tempura (which is what I like) instead of 1 or 2 with vegetables (if you’re lucky).  They do offer the vegetable tempura as well, but I’m a shrimp girl at heart.

Yuzu sushi beef teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki Bowl for $5.00

I must say, for the price I was quite surprised at the amount of food that was served to me.  I was really set on having a tiny portion of beef with a small scoop of rice.  Not only was it a good size serving, it actually tasted like beef teriyaki! Yay!

Now, I’m very particular with my tempura shrimp.  It really is a pass or fail when it comes to the tempura batter.  I was pleasantly pleased with the airiness and the crunch of the tempura.  It was not heavy or cakey like some others out there.  Big, Big Pass!

Last, my tuna nigiri was exceptionally fresh, temperature was spot on (no one wants a warm raw fish…big no, no!)  and it was a good meaty slice.  Not thin where you could see through it.  Definitely worth the $1.00 each!  Overall, it’s a huge Woo Hoo for Yuzu!

Yuzu japanese taco
Japanese Taco $5.00

I really wish I had more room in my tummy to order the Japanese Taco, A soup and a Specialty Roll, but that will definitely by on my “to try list” for next time.

I left there completely full but not disgusted with myself for over eating, content, cravings satisfied and I didn’t spend more than I should or could have!

If you’re looking to try a variety of items but don’t have a ton money to spend, this is your place.  If you’re looking to have a nice meal without over stuffing yourself to make the price worthwhile, this is your place.  If you’re craving a little bit of this and a little bit of that, this is your place.

Yuzu Sushi has only been officially open since last week, but from my experience the food and service doesn’t reflect their “newbie” status at all.  Well done, Simon!  Can’t wait to go back and try your new items!

Yuzu Sushi is located at 990 Ontario Mills Drive #H, Ontario, CA.  If you live nearby, come on over and tell Simon that Anna From Chit and Chats sent you!




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