Heaven on a massage table

I finally broke down and agreed to get a professional massage.

My hubby has been trying to talk me into a massage for years, but I kept refusing.  Suffering from social anxiety makes it extremely difficult to even think about “bearing your all” in front of a total stranger.

Being 42 years of age, I’ve lived with how my body feels and learned to just grinned and bear it.  Lately, I’ve been extra “stiff” and finally decided to get a massage therapy.  So, I looked through what Groupon had to offer. They’re always advertising spa coupons so it wasn’t difficult at all to find a massage spa in my area.

I was able to get a 1 hour massage therapy spa session deal for $30.00 which seemed quite reasonable.  I went ahead and bought it, then called to book my appointment.

Picture taken by Thomas Wanhoff at Thai Massage at Rama Day Spa Frankfurt

Yesterday was the day.  I was really nervous and even thought about cancelling but I told myself that I needed this for my health.  So, in I went.

my after pic after my massage
My happy, relaxed self after my massage

1 hour later…..I could have sworn that I’ve been to heavenLOL  I have NEVER felt so relaxed in my whole life!  But it wasn’t just relaxing……it was….uplifting.  I felt lighter, at peace and honestly giddy!  I couldn’t talk without giggling.  It was such an unusual and weird feeling.  Weird good.

If you’ve never had a professional massage, I strongly urge you to get one.  Spending your hard earned money is 100% well worth every penny.  We all need to take some time to pamper ourselves.  I take that back.  We all need to take care of ourselves.  Take the time to do it.  Even when you think you’re doing okay.  We’ve become so accustomed to the aches and pains on our bodies that we don’t realize the difference.  Our abnormal becomes the normal!

If you live in the Inland Empire area, CA come and check out RC Spa and Beauty in Rancho Cucmonga, CA.  The spa offers hair, facial and massage services.

Angie’s List: Massage Therapy Tips « CBS Pittsburgh

A massage can be a great way to help relieve pain and stress and it could be the perfect gift for that special someone.




  1. Very insightful… not just the physical aspect of it, but that it also was mentally healing. I have to say, I’m not too keen on people touching me… but you seemed to have a very good experience so maybe I’ll give it a shot 😉


    • Thank you, Christina! Yes, having to bear my all was a bit nerve wracking, but quite honestly, after a few minutes all the nerves went away. I got so relaxed I was on the brink of falling asleep a couple of times. Hahaha. Another benefit of the massage that I forgot to mention was that I haven’t had a tension headache since! The therapist said that with all the tension on my neck and shoulders prevented the blood flow to my head which contributed to the headaches.


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