Renaissance Beauty Crochet Afghan Pattern

I think every beginner crocheter has ambitions of making their own crochet afghan blanket, big or small.

After learning how to read patterns, I was excited to get started on making my own blanket.  My ambitions were much larger than just an afghan throw….I wanted to make a California King Size blanket!!  Yup, I was set on making this huge blanket no matter what the cost or the time involved.  LOL

free crochet afghan pattern on Red Heart
Renaissance Beauty Pattern

I searched through the Ravelry database for some free patterns and found one that peaked my interest.  The pattern by Carol Alexander was printed on Coats & Clark #J17-0701, Red Heart Choice Afghans.  The pattern was pretty easy to understand, even for a newbie like myself.

my handmade afghan pattern
Renaissance Beauty Afghan Blanket  Pattern

I must admit that it took me 6 months to finish this large size crochet afghan throw blanket, especially since I had a newborn baby to care for.  After all the blood, sweat and tears….I truly love this pattern!  It was extremely fun to make and I was able to use a variety of colors.

If you’ve ever done this pattern or plan to do it now, please submit your photos and experiences here.  I would love to see your creations.


Stained Glass Afghan » The Crochet Crowd

Crochet Afghan: Stained Glass Pattern. Crochet a unique and popular design called the stained glass afghan. It resembles a church window from a cathedral. It is really well done and could be considered a keepsake.



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