Seeing the world in “Green”. The Eco Friendly Way.

In my quest to someday becoming an Eco-Friendly business, I look to my fellow Indie Artisans from The Indie A-List for inspiration and admiration.

Indie A List Plus member
Proud A List Plus Member

First of all, if you haven’t heard of the The Indie A-List, come on by and take a look. These are a group of elite Independent Businesses that have gone through  several phases to qualify as a member, of which I’m am extremely proud to be a part of.

I love you to the moon and back home decor
Studio 1241 Earth Friendly Home Decor

Looking through the variety of Eco Friendly businesses, it’s truly inspiring to see so many ways to make your household Earth Friendly.  From Home Decor, such as Studio 1241…. where you can express style and creativity on wood pallets which makes for a “homey” and rustic feel….

to Row House 14….With handmade, expressive greeting cards, stationary and pencils that are hand imprinted, which is an art in itself!

Cards by Row House 14 with humor
Row House 14 Father’s Day Card


When sending mail and handwriting anything has become a dying breed, Row House 14 adds humor, wit, style and so much more that makes sending these notes much more meaningful for any recipient.

eco friendly envelope and boxes
Eco Enclose Mailers

Here’s another Earth Friendly item that we use often enough.  Made by Eco Enclose, these are biodegradable, reusable, recycled, sustainable mailing package options that would certainly be a wise decision for the “Green” minded.  An added plus is they are customizable!  Yay!

eco friendly kitchen accessories
Nature Junkie’s Unpaper Towel and UnSponge

Nature Junkie adds an eco-friendly everyday function in the kitchen.  Every time you throw a paper towel away, you’re throwing your hard earned money with it!  Save money by using Nature Junkie’sUn-Sponge“, “Un-Paper” Towels and Re-usable Bowl Covers.  She has the cutest fabric selections for any kitchen decor.

For families with young children, the options for earth friendly toys are astounding!  Not only are they unique, one of a kind, fun creations but they will teach your children to appreciate eco-friendly toys.

eco friendly wooden toys
Landon’s Toy Box Peg Ballerina

Creations like Landon’s Toy Box…Their Peg Toys are hand painted and are customizable to your child’s wishes.  With a huge variety of characters, you are definitely going to find the right toy for your child to play with for hours on end. Don’t see what you want?  Contact Landon’s Toy Box for your request!

eco friendly doll
The Mollie Shop’s Mollie Dollie Kate

The Mollie Shop offers the most adorable dolls that I have ever seen!  These adorable cuties make me wish I was young again!  Their bright colored hair, stylish threads and unique faces are irresistible beyond words!  Don’t you agree?  I simply want to scoop them up and cuddle with them all day long!  It would most definitely cheer up anyone’s day!

eco friendly monster storage and toys
Lu and Ed Mon-stors

Lu and Ed Mon-stors won’t have your loved ones crying from fear.  These little cuties will keep your child screaming with joy!

They are made from up-cycled fabrics either purchased from thrift stores or salvaged from donated clothing and fabrics. Scraps from large Mon-stors are used to make smaller Mon-stors, and scraps from those are used to make stuffed monsters, Gadget Mon-stors and totes. And the itty bitty scraps left over from those is diced up and blended with poly-fil – meaning there is absolutely no landfill waste from the production of Lu & Ed products.

Do you have a newborn baby?  Eco Friendly baby products are great way to start your child on growing up Earth Friendly.

eco friendly diaper covers
Upcycled Woolie Love diaper covers

Upcycled Woolie Love makes some awesome diaper covers, shorties and longies for your little one.  These beautiful wool diaper covers lovingly upcycled from 100% wool sweaters.  These are great diaper covers in lieu of synthetic ones especially for heavy wetters and overnight.  Had I known about this, I definitely would have used these when my daughter was younger!  LOL

Are you looking to pamper yourself?  Well, look no further!  Eco Friendly bath products to enhance your pampering experience are just a few clicks away!

organic eco friendly soap
Nourishingly Natural Handcrafted Soaps

Nourishingly Natural does handcrafted, herbal infused soaps that are palm free, soy free, synthetic fragrance free and 95% Organic.  They specialize in bar soaps, foot soaks, deoderant and facial care.

eco friendly, natural, vegan free, cruelty free
Gnarly Whale Body and Hair Care

The Gnarly Whale offers more pampering products that focus on body care and hair care that are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  Products like shampoos, toners and lip balm.

Between these two shops, you’ll look like you just stepped out of a professional spa without spending a ton of money!

It may seem daunting to go “green” in  a world full of mass produced and readily available products that are everywhere at every turn.  I urge you to take one thing in your life and make it Eco Friendly.  It may be one small act but that small act makes a huge impact in this wonderful world that we live in.   Make a difference in your life and it will make a difference everywhere else.

These shops are just a few of the Earth Friendly handmade independent shops available.   Please stop by The Indie A List to see all the other wonderful Eco Friendly shops and see your world in “green”.


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