Serendipity led me to the Confectionery Garden.

I have a husband that loves to volunteer my baking services to almost every function going on at his work.  Besides crocheting, creating jewelry and sewing, I am also a baker.  I don’t like to cook much, but I do like baking.  I sometimes get on a whim and just want to bake for no occasion at all.  That usually results in my hubby’s co-workers benefiting with freebie goodies and the hubby and I looking more on the “plump” side.  LOL

So, par for the course, his co-workers decided to have a wedding shower for one of their own and was going to host a pot luck at work.  As per the usual, my hubby volunteers my services with baking a cupcake cake.  I was quite excited with this challenge as I’ve only been baking cupcakes for a short while and I haven’t decorated a cake or cupcake in over 20 years!   With the added challenge of producing a cupcake stand, my brain was a whirlwind of ideas!

If you knew me personally, you would know that I come up with grand ideas….usually too rich for my blood!  Ha ha ha  Yes, I think like a millionaire with a pocket book of a pauper.  My major challenge is usually trying to figure out how to make something look like a million bucks without giving the hubby a heart attack.  In this case, I had to figure out how to make some of the decorations to fill in with a couple of things of really beautiful and good quality focal points.

As luck would have it, I was talking to a friend I met on Facebook about finding homemade businesses to review on my blog and she mentioned a friend who owned an Etsy store called, Confectionery Garden.  I checked her site and “Walaa“!  It was pure serendipity!  What were the chances that I would stumble upon a confectionery store at the same time I’m trying to figure out how to decorate my cupcakes?!  This was truly beyond coincidence, I say.

Confectionery Garden: Sugar Art and Keepsakes
Candied decorations for cakes, cupcakes and baked goods.

She offers a variety of confections perfect for any occasion!  The variety and the creativity in each one of her confections is truly a sweet tooth’s paradise!

gumpaste flowers
Edible Flowers




From the array of flowers that looks like you just picked it from a garden,


gumpaste sea creatures
Edible Seashells, Starfish, Sea Horse






seashells from the ocean, pitter patter of baby feet, fluttering butterflies,



edible sea life
Gumpaste Gold Fish





splish splashing gold fish that looks like it came from my own fish tank, snowflakes that will give you a chill,



edible candy baby fairy
Gumpaste Baby Fairy






to my personal favorite….whimsical dragons and baby faeries!  It was a baker’s form of heaven on earth.




I contacted Carol and she quickly responded.  She was extremely personable and has a great sense of humor!  What’s not to love?  We talked about what I was looking for and bam!  My package arrived in just 4 days after my 1st contact.  Talk about great service!

close up confectionery garden
Close up of the flower and leaf


I received these beautiful gum paste white flowers and green leaves accented with a candy pearl in the middle and a dusting of pearl dust to give it a little sparkle and shine.  They were simple but elegant which is what I was going for.

cupcake sketch
My sketch of my vision







To add on to these wonderful flower confections, I attempted my very first Royal Icing Candy decorations.  My vision was to have these candy hearts standing on top of the cupcake with Confectionery Garden’s flowers and leaves right beside them.

royal icing decoration
Initials “N” and “C” with the “love”




For the bride and groom, I wanted to make their initials in royal icing candy and have the flower and leaf anchoring  them with one extra cupcake in the middle that had a candied “love” to connect the 2 initials.






decorating my cupcakes
Using the royal icing hearts with Confectionery Garden flowers and leaves on my lemon cupcakes with raspberry icing.

As you can see, these wonderful flowers and leaves added so much more to the overall design.  The flowers added elegance and a more professional look and the leaves added a small “pop” of color.  The flowers and leaves took the focus off the small imperfections on the cupcakes and made it beautiful and cohesive.


wedding shower cupcake cake
The final creation with the homemade cupcake stand






I am so happy and impressed with these flowers!  Not only do they look beautiful, but they also taste great!  Not like a manufactured candied confections that you get at the store that have been sitting on the shelves for goodness knows when!  These are fresh, handmade, confections made just for you!

When you’re spending so much of your time and money making these goodies for special occasions and for special people in your lives, isn’t it worth it to complete the look with a special handmade cake/cupcake topper?  Even if you’re just buying a few store bought cupcakes, why not add these handmade confections?  Let your family and friends see that they are worth that special touch!

As you can see, I’m an amateur cake decorator, but with these handmade confections they really took my cupcakes up a notch!   I know in my heart that I couldn’t have pulled this off without Confectionery Garden.  I am truly grateful and thankful for the serendipitous meeting.










  1. Great job! My husband’s the baker in the house. He taught himself years ago and takes unhealthy recipes and works on them until they’re healthier. I love the smell every Saturday morning when he’s in the kitchen baking!


  2. Your cupcakes looks wonderful and I bet they tasted just as good as they look. I love to bake too but would never attempt something like your cupcakes as I would probably ruin them. I will stick with paper 🙂


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