Update on Brandon

  Date: 4-23-13
Brandon Lao, Gladys Lao, at home waiting for a miracle.
My nephew Brandon and his mama back from the hospital.

We’re going to need continued prayers for Brandon.  Can you please pray with us for a miracle? Brandon was declared inoperable by doctors but if it is His will, he will have a chance!

Date: 4/15/14

Here’s an update from Brandon’s mom: “ I’d like to give you an update on Brandon’s condition. We have been in an emotional roller coaster since April 10 but with everyone’s prayers, Brandon is fine but we’re back to square one. 

Last April 10, they did a cardiac catheterization to get his actual pressure and attempted a VSD closure with device. The first attempt, the device was too small and if dislodged would have caused more complications. It was pulled out and a larger device was attempted to close the VSD. As they were putting the sheath in the arteries, Brandon went into a cardiac block and they aborted the procedure. He was revived and became stable in the ICU with a ventilator. 

They talked to us about open heart surgery which we agreed to. However, the surgeon turned the case down as it was too risky and Brandon was declared as inoperable. The doctors want to continue meds for 6 months and would like to do cardiac cath again in 6 months to get the pressure and see if Brandon has improved and can be reconsidered for closure of hole. 
He is in the room with us now and he looks really good and back to normal compared to his state in the ICU. We will be discharged this Thursday and will get a second opinion. Fortunately, the doctor that we want to see is a friend of Marisa’s close friend. Hopefully, he will give us better news.

Brandon spending time with his brothers while in the hospital
Brandon in the Hospital after the failed attempt.  
 Another option we will look into is going to the US. The surgeon here would have operated on Brandon if we have Nitric Oxide in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the government did not approve bringing it in so we don’t have it in any hospitals here. Our pedia cardio says that we can look into bringing Brandon as a study so everything can be free. We’ll try to see our options and continue to pray for what’s best for him.”
Please continue to pray for Brandon.
Date: 4/12/14
Here’s a message from Brandon’s mom: “I would like to thank everyone who have been with us praying for Brandon, giving us support in any way. I can’t thank all of you individually right now since I only found time now to check my messages and will soon have to go back to Brandon. Update is we are considering an open heart surgery if the doctors believe his condition is still reversible. Please, please help us pray that he is still operable. Thank you”
Date: 4/11/14
Here’s the update on Brandon: “The procedure was aborted since the device inserted was small for the hole. When the doctors tried a bigger one Brandon’s vital signs were affected so they had to stop. But the good news is he is operable since his pressure and hemo dynamics were good. Doctors recommend open heart surgery by next week. Pls continue to pray for Brandon. He is now in ICU but his vital signs are stable.”
Brandon almost 2 years old
Brandon before the hospital

Date: 4/10/14

Celebrating Brandon’s 2nd Birthday!!!  Please leave a comment and say happy birthday and wish him luck/prayers for his upcoming heart surgery!

Update on my nephew, Brandon. Due to Cardiologist Schedule conflicts, Brandon’s heart surgery has been rescheduled to April 10th at 8 am. That’s 5pm PST on April 9th for us in the U.S.  The family is asking for extra prayers on that day.

It’s extremely scary for everyone in the family to send this little 2 year old into any surgery, let alone a heart surgery.  I would love to have everyone show their support by leaving a comment of prayers and well wishes for Brandon as he undertakes this procedure.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



  1. We would like to thank everyone for all your messages of love and encouragement, messages of said and promised prayers. We have been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions since our son was diagnosed with his condition. There are days of ups and downs, days that seem so promising and days where fear eats you up. It is a joy to read your posts and see acts of love such as what my cousin is doing for us through her blogs. We have received messages from people across the world, people we haven't seen for years and even people we haven't met but was somehow moved by our son. These help get us through a difficult day and give us hope. Life is precious and that is the gift that Brandon has given the family. Thank you for being a part of it!


  2. This was left on my FB page for little Brandon from Aunt Robin Smilor (Robert's side of the family).

    Anna, I tried to leave a comment on your Blog page but goggle wouldn't let me. So I will comment here. I am so sorry that your family and most of little Brandon has to go through this. I am praying for Brandon, your family and also for God to guide the Cardiologist to do what is needed to heal Brandon. Love, Aunt Robin


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