Silver Dawn Jewelry Review

I received one of Silver Dawn Jewelry‘s handmade hair pins and I just love it so much that I have to write about it.  If you knew me, you would know that I am absolutely horrible at hair stuff!  Styling my hair, treating my hair, caring for my hair….I am just horrible at anything hair related.  I’ve always struggled and was certain that I would never find one that would work.

When I was young, I wore my hair with a very short bob that way I didn’t have to worry about doing anything with it but blow dry it straight.  I’ve always dreamt of having long, flowing, shiny hair.  I finally had the nerve to grow my hair out for my wedding day.  Since then, I’ve had both short and long hair through out the years, but it was never how I’d imagined it.

I’ve spent my hard earned money and wasted too much time on hair styling products and tools hoping to find the one that would work for me.  Nothing held up besides the old ’80’s banana clip, one certain kind of  barrettes and ponytail rubber bands.  I’ve tried every gadget and gizmo invented and nothing worked!  So, I’d given up….

Until… faithful day when I met Elew, designer/creator of Silver Dawn Jewelry.  I was fortunate to write about her business and donating to the Red Cross on my other blog, Kindred Krafters.  I was in awe with the quality and beauty of her jewelry pieces.  That’s really saying a lot, since I myself have a jewelry business.  Elew’s metalwork is just incredible and flawless!  She truly is someone that a have grown to look up to in a very short amount of time.  Her workmanship is what I hope to someday achieve.

I completely fell in love with her hairpins, although I really do love all her pieces.  But with my hair obsession, I zeroed in on the hair pin almost instantly.  I had definitely added that to my wish list.  I didn’t have to wait long for this wish to come true.  Elew was gracious enough to send me one.

When I received the hair pin, I’ll be honest.  I had to look up “how to use a hairpin” on YouTube!  LOL  I hurriedly wrapped my hair in a bun and used the hairpin.  Hallelujah!!!!  It worked!  Not only did it work….it stayed on, and on, and on.  I have used the hairpin every single day since then!!!

I am in serious love with this hairpin!  ROFL!!!  Not only does it stay on, it’s not uncomfortable to wear even when you’re laying your head down!  Try doing that with a banana clip!  Not only does it work, stay on and is comfortable….it’s beautiful to boot!  I seriously think I will rave about this hairpin until the day I die!  REALLY!

Okay, I took a picture of myself wearing it.  Now, this is a picture when I hadn’t styled it in any way, so it’s not exactly the best example but you’ll get the idea.

Here’s another picture of someone else with her hair styled.  How gorgeous are these????

I am telling you, if you have medium to long hair….this is a must have!  She can customize the length and the color of the marble.  They are made of .080 nickel silver and will not tarnish even with wet hair!

Silver Dawn Jewelry has so much more to offer than just hairpins so please stop by her online store to see her many wonderful, handmade creations.  She also has a Facebook Page and a Tumblr Page.



  1. Her hairpins are so unique and beautiful. What makes it better is that you know the artist and I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of compliments and sharing her shop. Lovely.


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