Holiday Gifts for the Pets in your family

I can’t do holiday gift lists without including pets.  Our dogs have been our kids for almost 18 years now, so not including them would be a great injustice in my part.  So for all of you have love your pets as much as I do, here we go….

Steel Krazy

Steel Krazy does more than pet related products, so please make sure to take a look at their site.  For this gift list I am featuring products from their “Pet Collection”.

This first one that caught my eye, gets me in a sentimental mood since I’ve loved and lost 5 loving and dedicated dogs in my lifetime.

I would really love to have these “memorials” for each one of my doggie angels.  So, if you have a loved one who’s lost a pet or two, this would be a perfect gift.

This custom made memorial is approximately 12″ W x 9″ H.

All personalized Pet Memorials are available with optional charms (additional listing).
Your finish choices are either a painted textured black (pictured) or a sealed natural rust finish. Over time and exposure to the elements the natural rust finish will continue to patina.

Their pet memorials are cut from heavy 12 gauge steel with 12″ stakes that have been welded on. They can also make them wall mountable. They would stand off from the wall 3/8″ so charms can still be hung. Priced at $49.99

Steel Krazy also does cat and horse themed products.  They have a huge selection of products including clocks, address signs, welcome signs, crosses, etc.  So many to mention, you really must take a look at their site.

Danielle’s Doggie Delights

Danielle’s Doggie Delights  is based out of Florida and offers delectable goodies for your four legged furry friends.  They offer donuts, biscuits and pupcakes in a variety of colors.  All gourmet dog treats are handmade with natural ingredients (no preservatives or additives). May contain any or all of the following ingredients: wheat-flour, sugar-free yogurt, honey, egg, organic peanut butter.

These treats look so good it’s making my mouth water!  Can you just imagine your doggie receiving this in the mail?  Now the prices vary between in store pickup or delivery.  In store pickup is $10.00 for a dozen of your choice of donuts, biscuits or pupcakes or delivery is $18.00.  It comes automatically in blue, pink and white colors or you can message them for custom colors.

Bags and More by Pam

Now this particular one took me by surprise as I have never seen anything quite like this before.  Bags and More by Pam has created something for the Chicken lover!

I don’t know a whole lot about chickens, so when I saw this it really gave me a chuckle!  How great is this for the chicken who’s molting!  With their backs bare during the cold weather months, this is a perfect ensemble!

Sweaters will be made with snaps at the bottom sides, making them easy to slip over the head and then snap under the wings. The front will be made one inch or so shorter than the back to provide more room for nature’s call. Priced at $14.00, your chickens will truly love you!

Make sure to take a look at all the other crochet items available for the whole family…not just for chickens!

Original Catpods

Original Catpods are eco-friendly furniture designed for the feline minds and made to last for years and years.  Each bag of original Kitty Pucks contains 6 rolling cardboard toys marinated to perfection in catnip and ready for action. Whether your cat likes to bat ’em, bite ’em, pounce ’em or rip ’em, the Kitty Pucks are an all around non-toxic and totally safe toy for your kitty to play with.

Catpods™ products are all handcrafted with local Industrial Strength Corrugated Cardboard, Non-Toxic Water Soluble Adhesives, and are 100% Recyclable.  Proudly made in Tryon, North Carolina.

They offer these bags for $3.95.  They also have the Catpods and speed bumps available for purchase priced from $19.95 up to $109.95.

True Treats Pet Bakery

Here’s True Treats Pet Bakery who offers a wide variety of treats for almost every pet out there!  Dog Treats, Cat Treats, Horse Treats, Bunny Treats and Rat & Guinea Pig Treats too! All-Natural Pet Biscuits made with Pure, Whole, Fresh Ingredients. I offer something for every pet: Whole Grain, No-Grain, No-Gluten, No-Wheat, and/or Vegan options. Vegetarian menu.

I am loving this pet bakery!  Why, you ask?  Because they also make Anti Fart Dog Cookies!!!  If you’ve ever had a dog, you would know just how much I am appreciating this special treat!  These treats come crunchy, but you can pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to make them little chewy treats!

There’s so much variety available on their site…6 pages full!  Most of their items are under $10 and they offer a 3 point 100% guarantee.  You couldn’t lose even if you tried!  LOL

AnnaBela Artistry

Okay, so I may be biased here, since this part of the list is from my online store.  He he he.  I just don’t feel it would be right for me not to post my crochet pet sweaters on this holiday list.  You may find my pet sweaters at

I love creating these cute sweaters for our doggies!  Not only is it for warmth during the cold weather months, but it’s super stylish!  What pet wouldn’t love to wear one of these when they’re out for a walk?  I see my Dudley and Big Jet walking a little taller, heads raised up a little higher, prancing along proudly and my little Kylie, shaking her little behind just a wee bit extra when she’s wearing her girly sweater.

I make these sweaters with 100% acrylic yarn that is machine washable and tumble dry low.  I am more than happy to customize any size, any color, any style of your choosing.  My prices range from $20 for extra small up to $60 for extra, extra large.

Okay, that’s it for my list.  Please make sure to visit all these stores and buy handmade from small businesses.  I truly appreciate each and every one’s support.  Please follow and comment on my blog.  I would love to hear from you.  May Dog Bless You!

**Please note that I was NOT paid to post any of these products.


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