Typhoon Haiyan affects a part of my family

Typhoon Haiyan killed so many people and damaged so many homes in the Philippines.  I can’t even imagine witnessing that type of devastation.  It so happens that my 1st cousin’s 89 year old grandmother, Lola Ning, was one of Typhoon Haiyan’s victims.

Lola Ning has lived in her home since her parents built it after World War II, in 1948.  She and the rest of her siblings grew up in that house and she was given the task of taking care of the compound after her parents died and her siblings had families of their own.  Her home is her pride and joy along with her orchid collection and flowering plants.

It’s extremely heart wrenching for the family to see their “ancestral” home destroyed along with their family memorabilia.  To so many, this place has been their haven all their lives.


I know that I can’t help everyone that was affected by this devastating act of mother nature.  I know that I could donate to the Red Cross or some other organization to help the families out there.  And maybe there are many out there with worse situations, but I have this chance to directly make a difference in Lola Ning’s life.  I know that the donation will help her get her pride and joy back to it’s old glory and put that sweet smile back on her face.

So now until Dec. 31, 2013 I am pledging to donate 20% of all sales to help Lola Ning re-build her home.  Please help me with my plight by sharing this story to as many people as you can. You may find my entire inventory at my main online site: AnnaBela Artistry

Many thanks to my cousin, Joe Tablante and my Aunt Jean, for the story, the information and the pictures.  God Bless Lola Ning and all the people in the Philippines that have had to endure so much.


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