Krmbal Clothing: Eco Conscious Apparel


Tessa from Krmbal Clothing is our first double “Kindred Krafter” since her products are “eco-conscious” and a portion of her sales goes to helping others in need.


Here’s her story in her own words:

I’m Tessa and I’m a graphic designer. I’ve worked most of my career in creating graphics for screen printed and embroidered apparel. I worked my way up through the industry, from a production artist job at a collegiate apparel company to an assistant manager position with a Fortune 500 corporation to an art director job. 

I’ve always wanted to take what I’ve learned and what I love about my career working in the apparel industry and print my own shirts for a brand dedicated to doing things the right way. Since I worked my way up from the bottom and was lucky enough to work at lots of great places, I got to learn from some amazing designers and outstanding screenprinters. I am admittedly an apparel nerd and I take every opportunity I have to learn about the industry. In doing so, I also learned about the things that go on behind the scenes, stuff I wasn’t very proud that I was a part of. I wanted to feel proud of what I was putting out into the world for people to wear. I wanted to take back my t-shirt! 
I wanted another option, a BETTER option. So I did it. I struck out, with the support of a lot of people and Krmbal was born. I hope you’ll join me in standing up for being as eco-conscious as possible, giving back to our communities, both on a local and global level and be as proud to wear Krmbal as I am to make it. So come join me and take back your t-shirt!

Eco conscious t shirts
Krmbal Clothing: Eco Friendly Apparel

A portion of each Krmbal sale goes toward helping other entrepreneurs all over the world by making microloans on Kiva (and we focus on eco-friendly enterprises as much as possible). So many people have supported me, that I wanted a great way to help pay it forward to others. Also, all loans that are paid back are reinvested into new loans. As of November 14, 2013, Krmbal has made a total of $200 in Kiva loans to help 7 other entrepreneurs build their dream businesses. We’ve made loans in Peru (3 loans), the United States (2 loans), Georgia, Mongolia & Togo!

Come on over and visit Krmbal Clothing and check out all their wonderful eco conscious creations.


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