Silver Dawn Jewelry: Hairpin Review

Elew Mompittseh of Silver Dawn Jewelry has been making jewelry for over 30 years. Everything from beaded work, to silver and gold smithing…but her favorite is the Free Form wire work. You may find some very unique pieces, and a wide variety of styles in all her Jewelry and Hair Accessories.

I am absolutely loving her wire work!  From earrings to hairpins, each one is beautiful, unique and stylish.  Her wire work is impeccable and clean!  I only hope to one day have the kind of skill level that she possesses.  

These earrings are stunning!

Hairpin/accessories for your hairdo
Silver Dawn Hairpin

I’m completely in love with this hairpin!  I am definitely putting these on my wish list!  LOL

She’s got so much to offer, it’s really hard to only pick 2 to feature.  Please stop over her shop at and see what she has to offer and support handmade crafters who donate to help others in need.  Give a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season, it will surely spread a little cheer.


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