Holiday Gifts from Storenvy Shops

I thought it would be cool to show you items that I’ve found on Storenvy that would be great holiday gifts that I would love to receive.  Hint, hint, wink, wink….LOL

Lokta Paper Goods:

The first item that caught my eye is this really cool eco-friendly, handmade notebook by Lokta Paper Goods for $14.99.  This would be a great present for anyone especially someone who loves to write in diaries, journals or an artist who can make for a quick jot or sketch on the go.

Lokta Paper Goods also offers photo albums, paper sheets and invitations.

Glow Lockets:

My next find is really cool!  These Glow Lockets are handmade and 100% non-toxic, they are kept safe inside this gorgeous antiqued brass ball locket on a 24 inch link chain with lobster clasp. The orbs are smooth and beautiful, pale colorless when not glowing. Charged up in sunlight, uv light, flourescent or a bright indoor bulb (sunlight is absolutely best) they glow in the dark for several hours.  Collect all the colors at $28.00 each!

Sino Special:

I love, love, love this dress!!!  At times I wish I lived in the 1950’s so that I could wear these type of dresses.  It’s stylish, feminine, sexy, girly…..all things beautiful!!  It would help if I had that body, too..but we can only wish!  Now this dress is on the pricier side at $205.99, but it is well worth every penny!  Anyone want to buy it for me????  LOL

Sino Special specializes in handmade dress. All dresses here are customized from scratch by professional dressmaker. Our high quality dresses can be shipped to over 200 countries worldwide with DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedex, etc.

Gipson Wands:

Here’s another one on my wish list.  I fell in love with crochet a year ago and I have been addicted ever since!  I do believe that I have crocheted every day for the last year.  It’s become a need for me.  I wonder if there’s a Crocheter’s Anonymous out there.  If so, I soooooo need to be on it!  LOL  At $25.00 for this handcrafted hook, I must have one!  Or two, maybe three…okay ALL of them! I should have married a craftsman!

Anyhow, I absolutely love Gipson Wands!  Not only do they make crochet hooks, they also make wands, mini wands, keychains, bookmarks and custom orders!  If you have a child, it’s a must, must, must buy!  Which child wouldn’t want a cool wand to play with?

Violet’s Buds:

Another one of my favorites are flowers.  Flowers in your hair is just so romantic and feminine!  Violet’s Buds offers a variety of handmade hair accessories for any occasion!  What’s great about these is that they are flowers that you can wear forever!  Here’s one of the many flower accessories that she offers….

This particular Let It Snow Snow Clip is only $10.00!  I can just see a bride on a winter wedding wearing this in her hair.  Or someone celebrating the holidays wearing a red or green dress with this as an accent.  If you have a little one, you can wear matching hair accessories.  Picture Perfect!

Okay, I could go on and on….but I have a daughter who’s been waiting patiently for me.  So, I must end my holiday wish list.  Please, come on over to Storenvy and see what great things you can find.

Stay tuned for future gift lists for kids, husbands, family, etc.  I would love to have you as a follower and any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated.


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