White Apple Threads

White Apple specializes in Custom Bags and Accessories, using Eco-Friendly materials and practices in Ramona, CA. Contact us for Wholesale & Custom. Visit us on Facebook for coupons, events, and updates: facebook.com/WhiteAppleThreads

Who we are:
White Apple is brought to you by Josh + Jennifer. We design, cut, print, sew, and hand make each of our items next to the Cleveland National Forest in Ramona, CA. It all started with the idea that eco friendly products should be cool, affordable, and responsible. Years ago, when shopping for a messenger bag, the “eco friendly” options were all twice as expensive, and not that friendly. In a world with so much waste, that didn’t make sense to us…

What WE mean by eco-friendly:
At least one major component of every product is either recycled, upcycled, reclaimed, renewable, or sustainable (usually a combination). Each product is clearly marked as such, and always made with fair labor practices in the US. Many companies simply use sustainable materials, and mark their items as “eco friendly.” We do not consider cotton grown in Pakistan, sewn in China, and shipped to the US, to be Eco friendly. As an example, our coffee sack totes are 90% recycled materials; The exteriors are made from locally-sourced, recycled coffee sacks. The liners are reclaimed fabric, with each print available in limited quantities. In doing so, we keep thousands of pounds of from local landfills, every year.

We give back:
Each month, White Apple donates 1% of all sales to Earthjustice – formerly the Sierra Club Defense Fund. No gimmicks regarding proceeds, just simple math. One percent of every sale, every dollar, every month. We choose Earthjustice for several reasons. First, because of thier work providing free environmental law services to hundreds of community groups. Second, they maintain a 4 star rating with Charity Navigator for accountability, finance, and transparency. Lastly, we are great fans of John Muir, who started the Sierra Club in 1894. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy the wilderness of California, including the Sierras and Muir wilderness. The least we can do, is help protect our great spaces.

Etsy:ย  https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteAppleThreads
Facebook: ย https://www.facebook.com/WhiteAppleThreads



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