Boulder Creek Festival in Hesperia, CA

I was looking at the Groupon deals a few weeks ago and found a 50% off deal for the Boulder Creek Festival in Hesperia, Ca.  For $19 I received a free parking (worth $5), 2 pumpkins (worth $7 each) and 20 tickets (worth $20 for games, rides, etc).  I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with that deal!  so I bought one.

This weekend was the last weekend for the festival, so off we went!  Hesperia is about 30 minutes drive from where we lived.  The drive seemed farther than anticipated and it took us into a residential area that made me wonder if this festival was going to be a bust.  We drove up to our destination and my hubby and I were getting the “oh this was a bad idea” feeling.  There was a banner announcing the festival, but that was it!  We looked around and wondered where the heck it was!  We drove down this small road and saw a guy directing to the parking spaces.  We drove in through a dirt and rocky road surrounded by grape vines and trees.  I kept thinking, “Oh no….this is going to be a bust”.
We drove down further and started to see a glimpse of a park with swings.  Hope! There was hope!  We kept driving and was surprised to see a huge area with a lake!!!  There were bouncy houses, vendors, music….Wow!!!  There was no way anyone would have known this existed just by looking from the street.  This was a gem hiding in the desert!

We turned in our Groupon Voucher and received our coupon for 2 pumpkins and 20 tickets.

Photo op at the entrance with the lake as a backdrop.

What looked like a doubtful event turned out a great and fun day for the family!  My little Izzy played to her hearts content, went trick or treating from the vendors,we had some awesome Mexican food (cost $20 for a carnitas and rice plate, a cheese quesadilla and 2 fish tacos), entered a costume contest, window shopped through all the vendors, picked out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, hubby and Izzy fed the animals and we listened to music.  They also offered a hay ride, which we forgot to do.

Trick or Treating with my little Izzy.

Entered the Costume contest where the winner received $50.

Picked out our pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch.

All in all, we had a great time and didn’t spend too much money.  We even had 5 tickets (worth $5) left over and handed it to a family just walking in as we were headed out.

Checking out how tall my girl is.

I’m so glad that I found the Groupon discount or we would have paid for much more than we did, which is always a plus in our family.  I got a thumbs up from the hubby for getting the great deal!  I will definitely look out for more Groupon deals, for sure!

Will definitely comeback next year for another fun, fall, family day!  My only complaint is that it was a little windy and the dust from the desert didn’t do my allergies and sinus any favors!


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