The Sitting Tree

Here’s our first Eco-Friendly shop!  Elizabeth and her family are truly inspiring!  They don’t just sell eco-friendly crafts, they LIVE it.  A few of the many things they do are soaking plants for natural dyes, non toxic tree branch for buttons and all natural, handmade castile soaps.

Here’s their story in Elizabeth’s own words.

A guy and a girl had a dream. To raise a family. To live and work off the land, connected to the earth and each other.

Dreams do come true!

We live with a trio of wildly creative and beautiful unschooled boys, an English Setter called Bailey, and a reclusive black cat who wandered into the house a few years ago and never left.

This last spring we bought 10 acres of land on a dead end road, nestled into the woods of Northern Wisconsin. Plenty of wide open space for solar and wind power, gardens, sheep, chickens, bees, a house, and what ever else we can dream up!

We’re building it all from scratch, with our own two {well, ten} hands and using as many recycled materials as possible. We’re also paying for everything in cash, so the process is slow going.

Slow going is a good way to live, though, don’t you think? Working with the rhythms of the earth, and seasons, and life.

That’s how we make each of our products, too. Slowly, naturally, and with sustainability in mind.

Be inspired! Follow and support Eco-Friendly Crafters and help the world we live in.


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