Lovestruck Jewelry

Sara Richardson’s jewelry-making journey began in 2005, when she was hired to be an assistant editor for a new magazine called Step by Step Wire Jewelry. Having been hired for her journalism background at the time, she knew almost nothing about jewelry. After being encouraged to take jewelry-making classes to understand how to edit the step-by-step projects, Sara found another creative medium, besides creative writing, in which to express herself.
After a few years at the magazine, she was promoted to associate editor. She kept taking classes at Bead Fest, and discovered she was most proficient in chain maille and some wire techniques. Now, she not only knew how to copy edit the projects, but could also make them herself! In August 2010, she decided to break out on her own, and start Creative World of Sara’s Lovestruck Jewelry.
Lovestruck Jewelry can be found on Etsy, and at several craft shows in the Philadelphia suburbs. Sara also provides jewelry-making parties for children and adults, as well as in-home trunk shows. Sara’s work has been published in over 20 jewelry-making print and digital publications, including Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Easy Wire, and Creative Jewelry (making the cover in 2008).
Sara, a Buffalo, New York native, lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.

About donating to charity:
I began my “Please Buy Pink” permanent initiative for Susan G. Komen for the Cure this past summer, after a very close family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. In honor of her, and the other members of my family who had breast cancer, I decided to donate 20% of all sales, pre-tax, and pre-shipping, for all of my chain maille pieces which have pink in it. Even if it has just a hint of pink, it still counts.
Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have extended the initiative for ALL pieces, whether it has pink in it or not. That means 20% of every sale will go to Komen. When November hits, and for the rest of the year, the “Please Buy Pink” initiative will go back for only pieces with pink in it. I feel like I can make a difference all year round, and I want my customers to feel like they can, too.




  1. No, thank you Sara. (I just realized I've been spelling your name with an “h” in the end. Sorry). I really appreciate you promoting this blog. I really want to encourage people to buy from handmade crafters who give back to helpful causes. If you know of other crafters out there that give back and/or create eco friendly crafts, please send them my way. I hope that this will be a one stop information page for people.


  2. Thanks so much. But I believe what I am doing for Komen pales in comparison to what my family member is going through right now, and how positive and optimistic she is being about fighting the battle. I wish I could do so much more to kick cancer's butt!


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