My reason….

My reason for donating to a dog rescue.

Before my daughter was born our four legged doggies were our kids.  For over 10 years, my husband and I thought our dogs would be the only form of family that we would know.  We tried so desperately to have our own child.  So, our dogs became a big part of our family.

Our first 3 dogs were perfect in every way.  Our first was a Blue Merle Chow Chow named Quigley.  We bought him from a pet shop.  (We didn’t know any better then, and I’m glad to say that I thank God for that.  Or we wouldn’t have had our baby boy).  

Our second dog was a “pound puppy” named Chuwie.  I saw him and fell in love instantly.  My husband on the other hand wanted a Pomeranian mix.  We checked to see if there was a waiting list for both dogs.  The Pomeranian had a few names on the list, but the little Lhasa Apso had no one.  No one wanted him.  That was it!  I was definitely getting him.  He wasn’t available for another 5 days, so I had to wait.  I didn’t want him to feel alone, so I visited him everyday until it was time to take to him home.  

Our third dog, we bought from a “breeder”.  Again, we didn’t know any better and I’m glad for it.  Quinn was a cinnamon Chow Chow who was the most gentlest, sweetest little puppy ever!  We fell in love with her the minute she was brought into the room.  We had prepared ourselves to be very picky, but that all fell apart the minute we saw her.  

By accident, or call it fate we ended up with a fourth dog, Cordelia (an Austarlian Cattle dog).  Some guy was walking down our street and this little cute puppy was just following him along.  I asked him if the puppy was his dog.  He answered “yes”, but that he needed to get rid of her because his apartment wouldn’t allow it.  So, he was going to tie her up and dump her in the nearby field.  He had already tried once before but she found her back to his home.  

Well I couldn’t allow that to happen.  So, I took her in with the intention of finding a home for her.  We were only allowed to have a maximum of 3 dogs.  Well, my husband came home and fell in love with her and there was no giving her away!

Our first three kiddos came into our lives from puppyhood to seniorhood.  Quigley was the first to go to “doggie heaven”.  He quietly passed away after 13 years.  Chuwie followed him 6 months after, unfortunately, not so quietly.  He was having seizures and would fall to the ground shaking and losing bodily control.  Since he was 13 years old, the vet advised us to just let him go.  

In between Quigley and Chuwie’s deaths, we ended up taking two more dogs!  Yes, we are that crazy.  The woman I was baby sitting for came across two stray dogs that were almost hit by a car.  She knew I had a weakness for dogs.  So, here enters Dudley, a shih tzu/poodle mix and Kylie, a shih tzu who we think is Dudley’s mom.  The two were and are inseparable!  Dudley was so protective of Kylie.  He would literally sleep on top of her!  Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t believe that we picked Dudley and Kylie to be in our family.  It was more like they picked us.  

The minute we walked out to the yard, they immediately walked over to my husband and sat on his lap.  I think they would have followed us all the way home if we hadn’t taken them.  

So, after Chuwie’s death, we had a total of 4 dogs.  Still over the maximum, but we couldn’t let anyone go.  A few months later, we found out that we had “miraculously” conceived and were expecting our “miracle” baby! 

After our daughter was born, we started having problems with our dogs.  Quinn was 14 years old.  There seemed to be a change in dominance within the pack.  Cordelia started showing aggression.  The aggression became worse as time went by.  She started picking fights with Quinn.  Kylie would then defend Quinn.  Well, the fighting got worse and Kylie ended up getting hurt.  

We took Cordelia to a trainer and had her board at the facility so she could get extensive training.  She was so fearful that she ended up losing a lot of weight.  After a month she came home.

Things didn’t get better.  She ended up nipping at my daughter.  That was it!  That was the breaking point.  I couldn’t endanger my other dogs and my daughter any longer.  I tried desperately to find her a home.  But no one would take her.  I tried reaching out to rescues with no luck.  We knew that taking her to the shelter would mean a lonely death for her.  

We tried separating her from the others including my daughter.  But somehow, someway she always found a way to break out or destroy something.  We ran out of options and ran out of time.  

We made a decision to have her put down.  At that time, it seemed like the best decision to make.  Atleast she would die with my husband holding her in his arms instead of a lonely, cold and painful death.   

My husband and I regret it very much.  I still have a difficult time thinking and remembering Cordelia.  The guilt and the sadness is too much for me at times. 

This is when I started donating and volunteering for animal rescues/shelters/organizations.  I guess I’m trying to make up for the huge mistake that we made with Cordelia.  I don’t think I will ever feel like I’ve done enough to make up for the wrong that we did, but I’m trying.

After volunteering, donating and being in the rescue community I learned, too late, that we could have had more options when it came to Cordelia.  Sadly, I think finding this out now makes it even harder for me to swallow our decision.

Three months after, it was Quinn’s turn to head on over to “doggie heaven”.  This was very painful for us, since we had just lost Cordelia.  

So we were down to two dogs, Dudley and Kylie.  As much as we love them, we knew that in time we would need a third dog.  We were just a 3+ dog family.  LOL.  

Jethro entered our lives just after Christmas last year.  We had originally gone to the shelter to adopt another chow chow, but for some reason Jethro spoke to us.  He’s been the perfect addition to our family.  Now we’re back to 3 doggies and we’re loving it.


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